Solar Protection Products


Modern solutions for complete solar protection indoors and outdoors as well as for garden furniture convening.
The range includes net fabrics such as:

Sun control fabrics

  • Of extremely resistance
  • Reflecting and absorbing up to 90% the heat and the glare of sun radiation
  • Saving electric energy in air conditioning
  • Protecting household equipment from wear (discolouration)
  • When installed externally they can be used as screen
  • Offering privacy during the day
  • Providing excellent outward visibility
  • Allowing natural lighting and ventilation of the area
  • Supplementing perfectly any internal decoration
  • Available in a wide range of styles, designs, colours and weaving
  • Requiring minimum maintenance
  • Internal fabrics cannot be contaminated by fungi and bacteria

Outdoor furniture fabricx

  • Resistant to weather changes and heavy use
  • They do not fade or stain
  • Easy to process (glued instead of sewn)
  • Provide functional constructions (furniture, umbrellas, deck chairs etc.)
  • Available in a wide variety of designs and colours


  • Facades
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