M10800 Skylight Alutherm


The creation of atria in modern buildings is a solution of high aesthetics which at the same time resolves the problem of natural lighting in the building.

The M 10800 series is the most suitable suggestion for this type of constructions.

Its basic features are:

  • Covers various applications, such as pyramids, sunroofs, shells, space frame coverings
  • Offers construction solutions for the creation of polyhedral atria and gutter finishing which combine harmoniously with the rest of the construction
  • Various cross-section sizes for the creation of large-sized atria, without additional mechanical support
  • Excellent resistance of the materials to corrosion under the most severe weather conditions
  • Draining system for water evacuation created by vapour condensation
  • It is used in swimming pools, gyms, shopping malls, offering comfort to visitors.


  • Winter garden